Project Oberon

14.02.2020 / 10.1.2021

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Project Oberon is a design for a complete desktop computer system from scratch.  Its simplicity and clarity enables a single person to know and implement the whole system, while still providing enough power to make it useful and usable in a production environment. This website contains information and resources for exploring and using the system.  The project is fully described in Project Oberon: The Design of an Operating System, a Compiler, and a Computer — written by the designers, Niklaus Wirth and Jürg Gutknecht. The second (2013) edition of the book and source code are published on Prof. Wirth's website. We provide links to the original material here, and local zipped copies, with kind permission from the authors.


The Oberon System

Book Chapters 1-9 pdf mirror

Using Oberon pdf mirror

Inner Core Source zip

Outer Core Source zip

Tools & Fonts zip

Oberon RISC Emulator (Peter De Wachter)

Windows (Extras)


Book Chapters 10-15 pdf mirror

Network Source zip

Compiler Source zip

Graphics Editor Source zip

Tools, Fonts & Libraries zip

The RISC Computer

Book Chapters 16-17 pdf mirror

RISC Architecture pdf mirror

RISC Design pdf mirror

Compiler Construction pdf1 pdf2 mirror

OberonStation Verilog Source zip

Digilent Spartan 3 Verilog Source zip

SD-Card raw image zip